The entrepreneur behind the WW2TV service is the website designer, writer, filmmaker, editor, main presenter, historian, marketer, promoter and manager of everything you see. Okay, so WW2TV cannot compete with Amazon and Netflix and won’t have their support staff, backing and power, but instead has passion, dedication and determination. The content will feature history not usually covered by mainstream channels. The content will be driven by historians, not executives looking for easy profit. The simple aim is to bring the battlefields to your home.

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Weaving together degrees in WWII history and cultural anthropology with visual and spoken arts, I use the past as a portal to address today’s challenges in innovation, leadership and human rights. Through inspiring keynotes and engaging workshops I share the work in my book D-Day Lessons for Today: How to Create Your Future History. I have appeared on TV programs and stages around the world, and shared the stage with former US Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger, to speak on how we create our future history through our actions today. I help companies and individuals prepare for an unknown future by studying how those in the past navigated the unforeseeable and unpredictable. A native Texan, I have lived over half my life in Brussels with my Belgian husband, raising our four bi-lingual and multicultural children. Brussels is my heartbeat. Normandy is my soul’s sigh.