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Helen Ayer Patton welcomes you to D-Day All Day.

BONJOUR! I found myself awakened (at the D-Day hour @ 0630!) by the harsh realisation that June 6th 2020 was a mere month away and painfully clear that Operation Overlord was going to have an anachronism added to its legacy:
UTAH, OMAHA, JUNO, SWORD, GOLD and ……COVID-19. Meaning “It is a no go”.

I searched myself “In that case how can I best participate without being physically present?”

SURELY there would already be plenty of heart-driven die-hard technically savvy WW2 freaks well under way to give the world a virtual experience that satisfies our holy rituals in Normandy. OF course and here they are!!! Be sure to tune into

↓ On June 6th the partners listed below, have live streams on their channels.  Click on their logo’s and see what is going on. ↓

For my part, I have created a portal of my own that I want to be a way to share with you my way into D-Day and everything I find important, inspiring and fun about this part of Normandy.

Over the next 12 months I’ll add personal recollections, interviews, tips, photographs and WONDER.

By NEXT D-Day I hope this virtual scrapbook will help you feel as in the know about Normandy as I do!

Let’s take a look inside our selves.
Could we do something more?
Could we be like those soldiers
of 1944?

Can we storm the beaches
in the hearts of you and me
Reclaim our Nations soul
and restore our history
-from The Greatest Generation by Darden Smith, Bob Farnsworth& MichaelShevack
(and original song commissioned by The Patton Alliance)

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