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Author, Wanderer , Blogger and a general's granddaughter

BONJOUR! I found myself awakened (at the D-Day hour @ 0630!) by the harsh realisation that June 6th 2020 was a mere month away and painfully clear that Operation Overlord was going to have an anachronism added to it’s legacy:
UTAH, OMAHA, JUNO, SWORD, and ……COVID-19. Meaning “It is a no go”.

I searched myself “In that case how can I best participate without being physically present?”

SURELY there would already be plenty of heart-driven die-hard technically savvy WW2 freaks well under way to give the world a virtual experience that satisfies our holy rituals in Normandy. OF course and here they are!!!

For my part, I have created a portal of my own that I want to be a way to share with you my way into D-Day and everything I find important, inspiring and fun about this part of Normandy.

Over the next 12 months I’ll add personal recollections, interviews, tips, photographs and WONDER.

By NEXT D-Day I hope this virtual scrapbook will help you feel as in the know about Normandy as I do!

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Word Weaver, Stirring Speaker, Visual Artist

Weaving together degrees in WWII history and cultural anthropology with visual and spoken arts, I use the past as a portal to address today’s challenges in innovation, leadership and human rights. Through inspiring keynotes and engaging workshops I share the work in my book D-Day Lessons for Today: How to Create Your Future History.